Tegan Mohr


Tegan Mohr is a a liar as she's a . Tegan's thinks that she's having a afternoon with her girlfriends…..wrong! Tegan's really our prowling for random and her 's paranoia shines through via constant blowing up of her phone. The ignorant has no idea that the love of his is now sucking on a random cock in the dirtiest of places: A vile and disgusting glory . Tegan's only stops to answer her boyfriends constant calling, and she gives him an ear full. Who the is he to disturb her as she sucks an anonymous cock? Tegan's annoyance towards her comes to light when she goes RAW on that random cock. Fidelity be damned. Tegan's has a death grip around a cock that's easily five times the size of the paranoid piece of shit she has staying at home. The future, single Tegan Mohr that random cock until her becomes a canvas for his creamy goodness. She wants more but, as you guessed it, the phone blows up again and her buddy gets out of dodge. We end things with Tegan coming to the realization that her relationship with her is terminated.

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