Brooke Wylde


Brooke Wylde is a . Really, she is. This ain't no talk, or b.s. marketing scheme. Brooke the man — on or off camera. And when you ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain she's clearly understood. Brooke uses words like “swagger” and “confidence” and “size”, and she'll tell stories of Friday- club activities, in which the man will approach, slap her , and pull her to the dance floor (a man would be slapped for such behaviors) before he takes Brooke home to all . Today, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a special treat. This is Brooke's very simultaneously entertaining men. The result? , (and very real) on-camera orgasms, before our bulls put Brooke on her knees for a reward.

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