Faith Star


Faith Star's parents have disowned her and this gloryhole encounter is the reason. Their pride and joy did something so insane and unheard of that words don't really do it justice. Faith's morbid fascination public and interracial was all she needed to find this gloryhole where she could kill birds with stone. After dressing up in a cute outfit Faith headed on to a location that would forever be burned into her mind. The writing on the walls. The toilet that's infested with all types of germs. The hole in the wall that would soon be a gateway to Faith's first . First, Faith Star gives a showing of all her curves before going x-rated. Faith's pussy gets treated to her soft hands as they rub her 1,000 ways till' Sunday. The need for the hole in the wall is so that the on the other side of the stall can give Faith a milestone moment. Faith's slowly expands so that her can take in a suffering from a permanent stiffness. After testing the full capacity of her lungs Faith's pussy is next to tackle the colossal . Both of Faith's hands were needed to spread apart her pussy since it was territory as far as big was concerned. Daddy's fallen impaled herself on a that no hockey team can measure up to……….nor will she ever go back to Mayberry for sexual satisfaction. The proof is in the gumbo covering her .

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