Giselle Monet


The subhuman bathroom before you is a reason the French have a disdain for Americans. All of that is about to change when Parisian, Giselle Monet, plays ambassador to a nameless . Giselle gave up the City Of Lights for a city where cocks roam for . Giselle's green card is at risk the moment she dropped her clothing and rubbed her slit until it got raw and ready for a Eiffel Tower. The initial glimpse of her caused her to nearly pack her bags and go home. However, she wanted to act out on things she would see in porn when she was still overseas. Giselle's quickly surrendered to the which was the same length as her forearm. The stiffness of the dick was maintained by Giselle's desire to jam as much of it her as possible. her fingers wrapped around that baguette until it was to have it rammed inside her. Giselle's screams devastation could have come in either French or English, but the fact of the matter is Giselle was loving her excursion. The newest French import to the gloryhole had her tits lifted up as her played host to wine.

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