Janet Mason


Janet Mason 2 Janet just can't get enough of these gloryholes. She gets off sucking off a complete through a hole, and when it's a she has to , it's really special! Janet gets in the hole, and while she's waiting, she unleashes her big titties, and sheds her bottoms so she can have easy access to her well'aged . She strokes and pokes her slippery slit, and when the guest of honor makes it's appearance, she's ready for a full-on assault. She wastes no familiarizing this pole the insides of her , then manuevers her crotch just right to get that giant her. After she's plunged the depths of her crotch, as well as her soul, she kneels and begs for a mouthful of her favorite tasty treat. He delivers it on her tongue, and she it glee!

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