Keisha Grey


You're about to witness a porno match up of epic proportions. In corner, Keisha Grey, hailing Florida and of the biggest names working Valley today. In the opposite corner, the legendary Mandingo. Does the arguably the biggest in the history of really need an introduction? Keisha's here for reason, and that's to test the boundaries of her hole. Will it allow Dingo's massive cock entry? And just how far can Keisha's brown hole stretch open? It was straight to the A for Dingo, and we weren't sure if Keisha could hold her own. every thrust, Keisha opened up wider and wider, in between positions tasting her puckered off Dingo's 12 inch dong. As any classic match up, this goes the distance Keisha's incredible anal skills making Mandingo erupt in the final round, his mighty splashing Keisha's tongue and . She swallowed it all, and whatever ended up on her she scraped off and ate. After it was all said and done, I'd call this a draw. And demand a rematch!

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