Kiera King


Kiera King -bodied babe Kiera likes this kind of place, and it only takes her about 5 seconds in here before she's got her shapely legs spread wide, and is furiously on her . She's already juiced, at least her vertical smile is, when a comes a visiting through the g-hole into her stall. Kiera's a confirmed cock-a-holic, so she wastes no seeing how many inches of this hose she can shove her . She seems to take particular pleasure from her through the hole, and decides, why not her other , so she assumes a spread position that would make a gymnist jealous. She works that throbbing pole into her crevice and he provides the pushin' for her cushion, as they both shake the walls in ectasy. When her legs can't handle anymore of this, she drops back to her knees, and jacks this chocolate into her open for a of protein after this extreme workout!!

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