Kirra Lynne


Kiera Lynn Kiera starts right out announcing that she is our 21 year old Florida, then proceeds yanking off her clothes, and displaying her . Because of her slim , her is just popping out between her legs, and she begins to see how many fingers she can hide in that slick opening. She's already feeling when just what she needs makes it's entrance through the duct- lined hole next to her toilet seat. What else is a Florida to do but start sucking that dark surprize to satisfy her oral cravings. That's not enough for this oversexed though, she's got to excercise her muscles, and manages to find a position where she can get this ghetto meat into her , but spot. After a few minutes of in this improbable position, she's back to sucking, and finishes him off in her and on her . She even does clean-up duty as she eats the remaining cum off her .

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