Proxy Paige


Proxy Paige thinks she's seen it all and done it all. She's in for a rude awakening when a random trip to the public restroom turns into more than she bargained for. She's done all kinds of things as can be seen by her nose and rings, but the world of interracial is a completely different beast. The safety she felt disappears once Proxy's take in all the vulgar language adorned on the walls. The intensity of everything reaches a climax when Proxy is presented a that's sheer size makes her heart skip several beats. The newest visitor to the gives a quick inspection before an anonymous inspects the back of her . Proxy's golden whips violently in the air as her thrusts on that unidentified salami. This initiation isn't complete until Proxy's suffers irreparable damage a that has her cervix in its sights. The screams of joy coming this stall are enough to alert the gas station attendant;so Proxy finishes up this monumental day in her life by sampling his serum.

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