Rachael Madori


sluts come in all shapes and sizes, and but the thing they have in common — besides their of — is their uncanny ability to lie. Take Rachel Midori, who's finishing up a phone call her as this opens. “Honey, I told you three times! I'm out my !” This, as she's walking into an adult bookstore. She's looking for an oversized, , and as she's about to pay for it, she notices a sign above a door towards the back of the store. Turns out it's the doorway to a club, and before you know it, Rachel's on the pole, showing off her stripper moves to the employees. Do we really need to tell you it's only a short before she's working their poles? Rachel makes all three of her available to the crew, and after she's been stretched out, Rachel gets her painted… the exception of the last in, who drops a into her . This doesn't sit well her, mainly because she's not on birth control (and ovulating). Odds are high she'll be in the delivery about 9 months now!

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