Summer Lynn


The heat wave outside can't compare to the shenanigans going on in this restroom. Summer Lynn, who strips for rent , brings herself to this restroom because nature is calling like a motherfucker. The filth on the walls, the mess in the sink, and the dirty losing every stitch of clothing is what is in store this week at the infamous glory hole. The enormous jugs on her chest fit nicely in her mouth displaying that this slut is into self loving. It's a known fact that the dietary requirements of consists only of meat. Summer Lynn's gets well acquainted with a suffering Elephantitis. She his like Thanksgiving dinner and the cream oozing her snatch is the perfect lube to ensure proper penetration. With her ass spread, Summer bends forward so she can make love to a wall that has seen the bung holes of dozens of sex deprived . Her sensitive lips slide that thug dick into the nether regions of the anatomy. With her gigantic mammaries in the way Summer pumped that pipe until her mouth resembled a glazed donut.

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