Vyxen Steel


Vyxen Steel is from the White North, and, as a result, hasn't had much interaction black . Fast forward to her arrival to the U.S.A and we find her with Rico Strong and Jon Jon as they take a leisurely stroll in the park. She drops a bombshell in the form of telling them that she's never taken a black in the –nor has she taken black at once. Why not kill birds with one stone? The veteran swordsmen take her back to the crib where they give her hole a proper Dogfart introduction. The buxom knows her way around black , and it's evident when she sucks them both with vigor. Vyxen's enormous tits shake and bounce as her interracial threesome-with - is now underway. The Canadian import ‘s erupts all the place, so put your goggles on before this stellar encounter. Vyxen sucks her sphincter juice directly off the black that was just invading her back side. Vyxen's ends when both sets of black balls have been properly drained.

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