Jade Hsu


Jade Hsu keeps coming and going in this business. We brought in Mandingo to tame the and , well, she might as well say goodbye to that for . Jade Hsu signed up to take on a , but Mandino's is on a whole different level. We begin things Jade relaxing her jaw muscle to accomodate just the 5 inches alone. Like the Litle Engine That Could, Jade Hsu makes a valiant effort to suck all of Mandingo's mighty meat until she nearly suffers lockjaw. Jade then gets on top of the legendary Mandingo and gets her on a that's nearly about to collapse. Jade must be thinking of retirement as Mandingo's third leg reeks havoc on her reproductive system.Can you blame her? Mandingo's big continues to demolish Jade's until it's given relief…in the form of a shot of jizz to the . Welcome back to Interracial , Jade Hsu.

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