Jessica Nyx


Jessica Nyx is just of many white that have found out about the power of interracial . Jessica's boyfriend, Timmy, can't quite make Jessica feel like a true . Enter Timmy's , Prince Yahshua. Prince knows that he's breaking his 's trust and Jessica knows that only can make her feel good….despite the infidelity. Jessica and Prince begin heavy petting and kissing and then it happens- the phone rings. Timmy's blowing up Jessica's phone and it won;t be the last time it happens. Nevertheless, Jessica's cheating ways shine through as she sucks on Prince's huge . Timmy continues to call even as Prince's face is buried in that white . The constant harassment by Timmy is just the fuel needed to ignite the rest of this fire. Prince slams his big meat into Jessica's until she taps out. What to do next? Well, Jessica wants to avoid a pregnancy so a trip to through her cavity is in order. Prince slides his anaconda in her ass , while those tits shake and bounce the way they were meant to. Timmy's paranoia is warranted since his girlfriend (or soon to be ex) just took a healthy helping of Prince's nut right in her ass. Her cheating heart can only mean that this isn't her last time running off into the arms of a .

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