Kara Price


Kara Price's ovulation has hit right when he yearning for big is at an all- high. Kara's plans for a baby can only mean that it's to breed the . Shane Diesel already has several offspring running around as a result of chicks….what's more to add to the population? Kara Price sucks off Shane on the toilet right before taking him back to her place to continue the breeding session. Kara's lips continue to sucks Shane's meat right before her welcoming womb accepts as much of Shane as it can handle. The constant pounding of that snatch only halts when Shane directs his dick to the direction of Kara's . The tight on Kara has a vice-like grip around Shane's as it wreaks havoc. Kara sucks her booty juice off Shane right before he goes back the pussy. The end result of this fiasco will, of course, be the baby Kara has always wanted.

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