Nadine Sage


We begin our update with a magical Native American who by the name of “Bright Stars”. She roams the city looking for pussy and ass to get filled and -don't you know it- she stumbles across a of shooting the shit.Did we mention that she has special powers? Rico and Prince want to see what that means exactly and we find ourselves front row to interracial mayhem. Bright Stars gets felt up to toe and her magical act takes place: She makes disappear in her . Rico and Prince take turns with her before focusing their attention to her ass and pussy. There's no amount of Native American medicine that can repair the damage that have done to Bright Star's snatch and cavity. The part? She doesn't care since she's getting into oblivion. Prince Yahshua fills up her pussy with his own batch of ghetto sauce. Rico? Let's just say he ain't greedy when it comes to feeding the needy of that magical slut.

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