Nikki Sexx


Nikki Sexx is on a business trip with her and it seems as if he's left the room for an undetermined amount of . You know the dsaying,”When the cat's away the mouse will play.” In this case, the cat is a horny white slut that's got an ulterior motive for the maintenance crew in her hotel. The guys show up only to find out that there's nothing wrong with the room, but Nikki's spilled the beans…she wants all their huge cocks. Nikki's heavy duty flirting leads to her sucking and on each cock that's put in her face. Those fog up, and those titties bounce as the married white slut uses her mouth and hands to get each cock standing at full attention. The next order of business is for the fiend to use all her for the pleasure of the working class . That gets beat the up while that ass opens wide for cock of the darker nature. Nikki's never gets unrestricted anal access, but these brothas do. Nikki and the crew tear apart the hotel room in an interracial frenzy until no set of balls are full. Nikki's has no idea that his inevitable tip to the maintenance crew is going to be partially for fucking his wife.

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