Rose Red Tyrell & Tiffany Kohl


Rose Red is an athletic trainer ,who, along intern Tiffany Kohl, help athletes all over recover a laundry list of injuries. Jason Brown is such the athlete where he's in need of the healing hands of Tiffany and Rose. Jason's rehab begins when both ladies feel all over him….and that's the catalyst for what will be an interracial threesome. Tiffany's shyness and reluctance to go further their client is eventually diminished when her boss shows her the ropes. Jason's big gets fought over by both therapists in a manner fitting for sluts. Rose leads her apprentice into the world of worship until both of them get fucked all over the massage table. What would this be without both ladies taking turns each other's backdoor? The in the is never ignored, and Tiffany's becomes the target for Jason's nutmeg. Rose, much like a boss, wipes her clean her tongue.

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