Sarah Jessie


Prince Yashua is making a valiant attempt to feed his , Sarah Jessie. The only problem is that Sarah's a hardcore vegan and no meat touches her lips…..unless it's , of course! Prince whisks her back t his place and interracial is the only thing on the menu. Sarah Jessie loses her table manners at the point Prince's big slivers its way down her . Sarah's reluctance to eat meat is temporarily put on hold as she sucks on every inch of Prince's pork. The buffet of jizz comes in and out as random donate their nut sauce to Sarah Jessie's gullet. What's Prince doing while his is feeding on black seed? Well, he's pounding her white and while her stomach slowly fills black jizz. Prince's big gets massaged on its side by Sarah's meaty lips every thrust of his mighty meat. Prince puts the icing on the cake by blowing a down the same that just took several others. Sarah Jessie's stomach is full, yet she has Prince continue to the life out of her as we end our tale of the vegan slut.

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