Sarah Shevon


Dr. Shevon has an interesting patient and his name is Wesley Pipes. Wesley's issues run a mile but his main ones are his of girls in the booty. The other problem is his feeling inferior to someone like Mandingo and Dr. Shevon is going to take drastic measures to get inside Wesley's head. The beautiful doctor brings out a penis pump and the clock is ticking on a therapy session that's taken a dramatic turn. thing leads to another and the shrink soon has Wesley's big in her . Wesley keeps jamming her until her glasses fog up. The doctor's office is now the for an interracial fucking of epic proportions. Dr.Sarah Shevon's hungry serves purposes: it quenches Wesley's appetite for AND it shows his ability to hang the biggest around. The doctor happily accepts Wesley's hefty of Compton cream and the hour's session finally winds down.

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