Tiffany Doll


Tiffany Doll's doing her to guarantee that Rico and Isiah pass their French class. After all, failure to do so will result in getting dropped from and their dreams of making the big leagues will come crashing . Rico and Isiah are much more interested in Tiffany's ability to than her ability to tutor them in the language of . We ditch the park for a that sees Tiffany get all over it. The French works over big while completely forgetting that her primary responsibility is to make sure they pass French class. However, education takes a back seat to her willingness to open up all her holes for both -athletes. Rico and Isiah stuff her and in a manner which results in her screaming in pure joy. Tiffany's into oblivion until that French is shot full of gravy. Tiffany's not done her students…she wants another popshot–on her .

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