Tinslee Reagan


Charlie,Rico and Wesley are no strangers to the brutality that is the judicial system. All three “gentlemen” have been ordered by the judge to attend weekly etiquette lessons, which are instructed by Tinslee Reagan. Tinslee has her cut out for her and this rowdy group of thugs is more interested in her than anything else. Tinslee's nervousness shines through as she's undressed by 6 of the roughest hands she's come across. Tinslee risks losing her job the second she sucks on every one of those big . At one point Tinslee realizes the errors of her way, but of course she continues because sluts don't give a . The rowdy and rambunctious group of forget their manners Tinslee's and ass. What we have next on hand is three big stuffing each and every hole on that authoritative . Tinslee's at the complete and utter mercy of all 3 as her hole and ass are completely obliterated to the point of near-collapse. Tinslee Reagan's ordeal comes to an end after taking 3 loads of thug juice all her . It appears as if Tinslee has another appointment the following week this group of thugs. However, we doubt Tinslee will be able to sit at her office desk again. That ass was tore up.

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