We're thanking our lucky stars that naive tourists like Alysa exist in 2011. Alysa came to America from Russia to seek out opportunity and fame. The thing is Alysa is also a slut for big, and needs her ass and stuffed on a daily basis. Today, Alysa's urges have been put on hold and she's in Hollywood looking for Wesley Snipes. Unfortunately for Alysa she's referring to him as “Pipes” and the communication breakdown results in Rico Strong bringing her back to his place where Wesley Pipes is hanging out. Aylsa is initially embarrassed at the mixup but her urges, which, were put on hold, come floating back to the surface and she's at the mercy of feet of . Alysa's mouth isn't void of big, for too long as both Wesley and Rico turn her head back and forth as if she's at a tennis match. Alysa's tongue coats both black and it's only a matter of before both thugs take turns slamming into that and ass. Alysa's Russian accent is easy to understand when she's yelling at both to make her holes stretched beyond recognition. We don't know how to say “Interracial ” in Russian but that doesn't stop Alysa from going balls on each until her colon nearly collapses from the onslaught. This Russian can't get enough and it's evident when she gets a helping of via a penetration. Rico and Wesley piston in and out of her moist caverns as she completely forgets as to why she was originally in Hollywood. Alysa's body becomes a pin cushion for both black and she couldn't be a happier Eastern European slut. That gorgeous white face of hers gets bombarded by thick, creamy black loads and it's something she could never have gotten in her homeland. Welcome to L.A. Welcome to the jungle.

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