Angelica Sage


We knew we had something really special when we saw Angelica Saige dancing for dollars over at Angelica had barely wiped some anonymous jizz her face when she demanded to get her the biggest for some -on- fun. Enter Mandingo. Actually, Mandingo was the who was about to enter the mouth and of Angelica Saige. The legendary swordsman got Angelica extremely moist just from the heavy duty he was dishing out. The latest addition to Blacks On Blondes was weak at the knees from the second Mandingo whipped out his third leg. The dinner bell immediately rang at that moment for Angelica and she was soon sucking as much of Mandingo as she could; which is an extremely difficult task especially since she's so new to interracial porn. Mandingo peels her super tight panties and is given access to a that's about to become a haven for ONLY. Angelica Saige lowers herself slowly onto Mandingo's big while belting out moans that are music to our ears. Mandingo continues the assault on that white and the only mercy it's given is when she sucks her juice right out of the tap. The curtain drops on this phenomenal interracial scene as Mandingo sprays that white slut with every ounce of gravy that his balls can muster up.

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