Aria Austin


Aria Austin is used to hitchhiking in the south- it's where she's from, after all. Aria has found herself looking to get a ride dreams of becoming an actress dancing around her . Aria stumbles up Charlie Mac and Mark Anthony, as they're debating how to fuck girls, and they quickly lend her their help. Aria's always depended on the kindness of strangers and Charlie and Mark are about to be kind….to her and pussy. Aria Austin drops to her knees and her eyes quickly meet with two feet of big, cock. The tease from Texas takes turns giving each guy a courtesy of a from the Bible Belt. Aria's and pussy are both up for grabs as both guys treat her and pussy to interracial goodness. Aria's screams are muffled out by a cock and her 's getting demolished every second. There's no amount of acting classes that could get Aria prepared for this role of “ cock ” and both brothas continue to fuck all her holes. Aria's soon enough becomes a haven for all of Mark Anthony's jizz, and he overflows her like The Mississippi River during flood season. Charlie Mac steps up and coats Aria's face with his own brand of southern sauce. The aftermath leaves Aria Austin with no choice but to continue hitchhiking; especially since sitting on her isn't an option after this interracial slam fest.

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