Bella-Nikole Black


Bella-Nikole has been too much of Fox News and the right-wing rhetoric they spew out. Bella's not too happy about the re-election of President Obama and she lets her feelings known to a group of guys who are shooting the breeze. Jason Brown and crew invite this conservative back to their crib in hopes of changing her political views. Belle-Nikole 's shirt that's adorned the Stars and Bars isn't appreciated to this group of descendants of slavery. However, the set of tits under that shirt need to come out and play and that's when this interracial begins. Bella starts sucking down on each cock that's thrown at her. Bella's conservative gets demolished like Romney's hopes just recently. Bella gets her screams muffled as she continues to choke and gag on that the southern states would never approve of. Each thrust of cock into her soaking pussy brings her closer to changing her political affiliation. The kicker? Bella-Nikole warmly welcomes eight hit blasts of ghetto goo right on her “No Spin Zone.” We're proud of the fact that another has discovered the power of big .

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