Charley Chase


This begins Charley all dressed up in her black outfit, describing in detail just why she loves a big , and why a white one just doesn't cut it. As she is talking, she also is stripping, and by the she is done, she is bare-assed naked, and starts on her to get it ready for that big . Flash has been listening and all this, and walks in an already raging hardon looking to get it wet. Charley drops to her knees and quickly demonstrates her impressive cocksucking skills as she sucks that giant like her last name is Hoover. These two fuck like they were made for each other, Flash pounds her into submission that huge black club, and she dives on it and starts sucking it like she's posessed. The director practically has to pry it out of her mouth to get back to the next position. Dude! Does this like to suck a big or what? Flash is a little animalistic himself as he kind of throws her into the next position and starts humping her like it's mating season. After countless orgasms, she takes over and decides it's to suck that giant into blasting his load and after another round of machine-gun cocksucking, he unleashes on her , and in her mouth. The finishes Flash making sure she eats any that missed her mouth, and she slurps it all .

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