Dallas is hanging out at her 's apartment waiting for him to call and tell her when he would be back to take her out. While she is waiting, her boyfriend's roomate Flash steps out of the and grabs a towel. Dallas just happens to catch a glimpse of this huge dickstick swinging between his long legs. Just then her BF calls the bad news that he was going to be late picking her up for their date. Flash, still sporting just a towel, overhears this and strikes up a conversation the now pissed-off Dallas. She takes advantage of this situation to ask him about the he's been banging in his , and all the loud screaming that takes place. She also asks the age-old question about and size differences dudes. Flash is only too happy to demonstrate the answer to this question, and slowly talks her into touching it, then putting it in her .She says right off that is as far as she is going, but Flash is slicker than that, and soon, she is and her stretched by this throbbing giant! He works his magic in a variety of hot psoitions before unleashing a -sized load of his secret sauce all her mug.

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