Erica Fontes


Derek Skeeter hasn't obliterated a white girl on camera in about 2 . Upon hearing this, Rico Strong takes the initiative to Derek the ways of picking up white women. Erica Fontes was immune to Derek's game but was no match for the suave ways of Rico. Eventually all 3 meet up and Portuguese pussy isn't far the horizon. Erica makes out both and Rico's waters at the mere thought of chowing down on her box. Erica gets her white pussy eaten as if 11 herbs and spices resonate her . In the meantime, Derek is getting his big, sucked on by a white girl who completely forgot about where she was walking to moments before. That pussy was begging to get invaded by and both take turns making her insides turn to mush. The on her pussy makes the friction that much more and her moans tell the story of a girl whose always been sexually neglected…until today. Erica Fontes gets bent and her pussy gets bulldozed by that don't grow that big in her native land. The smile on her face slowly disappears under a storm of falling black jizz. The verdict? Erica Fontes has now applied for permanent citizenship in South L.A

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