Jordan Pryce


Detective Pipes is trouble meeting his “bust quota” and it'll land him in water the rest of the squad. There have been rumors that this filthy spot is a hotbed for street walkers and Detective Pipes is on the trail of some prostitutes. Jordan Pryce is walking the mean streets of L.A. when she sees dollar signs and potential to make her pimp a happy . After soliciting Wesley, she gets arrested and that could be the end of it right there…..until she cops a a plea: access to her ass in hopes of getting a light sentence. Before you can say “abuse of power” , Detective Pipes has his huge sliding her gullet and into her stomach. Jordan worships Wesley's huge stick as her bra-busting tits shake the head she's dishing out. Detective Pipes turns his attention to that pussy and it raw; despite knowing that it's certainly not the first she's taken today (Biggest-yes, first-no). Jordan Pryce gives her pussy some clemency and gives the detective unrestricted access to her third hole. That huge drills it's way into her holiest of cavities until he shoots his all over the place. Jordan reminds the absent-minded detective that he never read her Miranda Rights and she's free to go. Jordan's not leaving this ordeal-free. She now has a busted asshole that no “John” is going to want to at this point.

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