Khloe Kush


Most girls skip around town with the hopes of getting into some kind of mischief. Khloe Kush bought a plane ticket to L.A in order to seek out the legendary Mandingo. Khloe interracial and the sight of Mandingo's big, always gets her off when she's home. However , she now wants the real thing and is all over town looking for his . Khloe, after no luck, goes back home to to his likeness when the real mccoy comes through. Khloe wears a smile on her that can't be wiped off , and after admiring his she sucks it with gusto. Khloe Kush can't believe she has only part of Mandingo's huge slab of beef in her mouth and it's enough to get her dripping . Khloe continues to slobber over Mandingo's black tree trunk until she decides to slide him in….. inch at a , of course. Mandingo's huge slowly drills deep inside Khloe in order to avoid her flying back home with a ruptured . Khloe's beef curtains shake as a big, makes its way up her stomach and into her rib cage. The screaming coming from such a package is unreal and Mandingo's third leg continues to pound that little white . Khloe's ordeal only comes to a halt when her once-tight hugs Mandingo's black coco to the point of no return. The result? Khloe Kush gets a blast of black goo to the that nearly gives her whiplash.

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