Larkin Love


Larkin Love has begun her porn career with a bang……….an interracial gang bang to be exact. Larkin is too distracted by the punk rock music rattling her eardrums to notice that she's slowly walking into a den of meat. Five of the meanest can't help but notice her tits jiggle as she dances her way towards them. The only reasonable thing to do is for Larkin to give up her white since she's now on the wrong side of the tracks. Larkin Love gets undressed by our swordsmen and then her throat gets treated to a buffet of . Those magnificent mammies on Larkin get felt up by all free hands as her jaw opens wide enough to accommodate all the cock thrown her way. A much needed break is given to her jawbone as each thug lines up to slam his hips against hers. Larkin's scene might have another milestone: biggest lungs on a white girl judging from all the screaming. No cock missed its mark as Larkin's nether region got pounded by no less than 10 inches . This purple-haired slut is given no time to recuperate as a nonstop bombardment of slowly,but surely, stretch her out to the point where she's now useless to her white . Larkin's “welcome to the hood gift” comes in the form of 5 streams of goo that no amount of showering can ever wash off. This cock initiation will be replayed in her mind over and over again for years to come.

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