Lia Lor


We got Lia Lor's and it's interracial! Lia Lor emailed and tweeted about wanting to get into adult and here she is. We begin this week's update Lia Lor telling Rico Strong about her desire to on camera for . One thing led to another and Lia Lor was sucking on rico's black mamba. There's always something about getting a 's initial dip into the adult film pool. Our worries that she'd back out were wiped away when Lia Lor attacked Rico's massive while our camera caught it all. Lia slurped, gagged, choked and inhaled that big right before getting it slammed into her . After a few minutes Lia seemingly forgot that this mayhem was getting captured for the enjoyment of so many. Lia Lor kept riding that bucking black bronco as her blond hair stuck to her face as a result of all her sweating. Lia Lor bent and was at the complete mercy of Rico's third leg. Rico slammed his hips into Lia Lor's while her eyes bulged and nearly came out of their sockets. Lia Lor's has a in it AND her teeth get whitened. We have a feeling Lia Lor is going to be blowing up our phones more requests for big black .

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