Maia Davis


The smoke filling the lungs of Maia Davis isn't her only habit: It's her addiction to that really gets her going. Maia is talking to Hooks and she tells him that doing a gangbang is next on her to-do list. Hooks, the caring person that he is, can't be a part of her scheme and is reluctant to help Maia fulfill her dream. Before you know it Maia Davis is on her knees and at the complete mercy of several big black . There's no that doesn't fill her throat until her eyes nearly pop their sockets. Maia's gangbang- interracial, no less- really picks up momentum when she's tossed around like a rag doll and fucked . “I'm getting ,” utters her (when not stuffed a ), and you get a better picture of the type of we're dealing . Hooks and co. stretch her out to the diameter of a basket ball and her meets every ounce of pork sauce they can dish out. Maia Davis left the place an interracial gangbang under her belt and a that's now of limits to white boys.

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