Natasha Starr


The blazing sun has no affect on Rico Strong's and Lee Bangg's ability to pick up . Natasha Starr is looking for a bus and her cell phone is dead. Natasha Starr's double whammy soon turns into a double-dicking courtesy of American big black . Natasha Starr loses her innocence when she tells both guys that she has something clogging up her Polish . Rico and Lee nearly lose their minds when she bends and shows them that, she um, wasn't shitting them. Natasha's search for a bus is temporarily halted when two black freight trains take turns jabbing her . Natasha Starr gets blitzkrieged by both black and this interracial threesome melts gets underway. Natasha Starr works on one while the other invades her until it nearly collapses the onslaught. The princess Poland takes it up a notch by her ass and slammed at the same . The make-up slowly begins to melt and the sun's affects have nothing on what Rico and Lee are doing to this lost foreign . The constant friction both gigantic black bring Natasha to her knees in order to pray for a couple of huge loads of black gravy. Rico and Lee leave no part of Natasha Starr's face void of black nutsauce, and Natasha's phone is fully charged again. Natasha won't be able to call a cab because they no longer come to this part of the “hood”.

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