Nikki Phoenix


Seattle's shortage of black men is reason enough for Nikki Phoenix to take up residency in L.A. The warm California sun is the perfect time for Nikki Phoenix and Flash Brown to take a stroll in the park and lock lips, too. You can almost hear others in the park snicker as they see an interracial couple showing public displays of affection. them. Nikki is only concerned about getting Flash Brown back home in order to feel his black anaconda slither its way between her legs. Nikki and Flash make out like a couple of teenagers right before her tits whip out . Actually, it's not too long before she's butt and choking on that big, . Nikki's eyes tear up as she tries to go so far that her nose is touching his abdomen. The drool coming her helps a bit but his is too fucking thick. Not to worry; Nikki's is up to the task of taking him balls deep. Nikki's infatuation for interracial sex is as clear as day when him until her cheeks slam into his pelvis. Nikki's huge tits bounce as if the “Big ” has finally hit California. However, the only big here is Flash' as it hits her all sides. That was once as as the rest of her body. Flash, as usual, is transforming another snatch into a sore gateway for black cocks only. The only thing stopping this interracial fest is Flash shooting his venom right at Nikki's . There's less rain in Seattle than jizz in Flash' nut bank. Nikki, as if we had to say, is now a permanent L.A resident.

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