Rilynn Rae


The debate of one on ones vs. gangbangs is the Lebron vs Kobe. Rilynn Rae and Charlie Mac are discussing the aforementioned dilemmas that interracial . Charlie's as cool as a cucumber as he tells Rilynn that he, and only he, will have access to her honeypot. Rilynn Rae has no idea that his crew of will be around to donate their jizz, and hopefully everyone goes home a happy camper. Rilynn Rae begins by sucking on Charlie's foot and Rilynn still has no idea that three are in the vicinity. Charlie continues to stab where her tonsils used to be and her white is next on the menu. Much like a missile penetrating a tube of tennis balls, Rilynn's white gets an over of and her screams are only being heard by her, Charlie and the crew. Speaking of the crew, each one of them donates to the cause by donating of their ball snot while Rilynn's is given no immunity. The sight of this white getting slammed was all they needed to pop on her one more before Charlie finished her off his own brand of Mississiippi mucous.

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