Chayse Evans


The gang was discussing Tone Capone's birthday, when revealed that he had a special present right to celebrate his making it through another year. As they all , it is revealed that Chayse Evans is the present, and she presents herself to him. He unwraps his gift, by getting her , and she starts right in devouring his pork to prepare him for plunging into her already . Soon we find out that the gang is not as generous as we thought, as they also and line up for a shot at this hot and . It is Tone's birthday, though so he does get stab in that slick hole, and tagging rights whenever he's ready for seconds, or thirds, etc. As the gets more feverish, Chayse reveals her cum bowl, and encourages everyone to let loose their jizz rockets into her bowl so she can have a -savage cocktail after they get through her brains out.

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