Stepsisters Dirty Diary – S28:E10


Have you written dirtiest thoughts ? Melanie Marie is keeping her thoughts about her stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, in her diary. When Joshua finds Melanie using his cell phone charger, he tells her that he's going to take of her stuff. When Joshua opens Melanie's dresser drawer and finds her diary full of her longing for him, he has just enough to get the gist before Melanie storms in. Instead of getting pissed, Melanie pops her tits out and kneels in front of her stepbrother. She wants her stepbro to make all her dreams come true, and once her hands and are on his how can Joshua say no?Next thing Joshua knows, his stepsister is him in her bald coochie, in and then in . He dicks her on her back. Then Melanie gets on her knees for a pounding. When she's had enough, Melanie gets on her knees and strokes and sucks Joshua's until he blows his nut all her .

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