One Good Cum Deserves Another – S29:E10


Ohana needs help her stepbrother Alex Charger. She has a game but she claims she doesn't know how to use it. She hands Alex her phone, but he is confused because he doesn't know how to use the game. Ohana tries to guide Alex verbally, but she's clearly enjoying herself an awful lot as he plays her phone.Alex is initially upset when he figures out that he's a remote control toy, but Ohana begs him to continue because she's not done getting off yet. Alex gives in and helps his stepsister cum. Now Ohana wants to repay the favor. She offers to suck Alex's , and he agrees that she can do that. Once he has his stepsister's lips around his hardon, Alex is easily convinced to let things go even further.Coming together to is so easy Ohana climbing on top of Alex and sliding to him in . She turns around for , then gets on her knees for . At last Ohana rolls onto her back so Alex can bring her off on her back before he lets her suck her own juices his hardon. This second brings Alex to climax, giving Ohana a treat to enjoy.

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