Stepsis Is Just My Type – S29:E6


Khloe Kinglsey is hanging out her stepbrother Jay Romero when he her his phone to her a that he likes. He's going to ask her out! That immediately sets Khloe off. Jay obviously has a type, but Khloe isn't it. She's been waiting for Jay to notice her despite her .Now that Khloe has brought it up, Jay can't think of anything BUT her. He lets her him her . When Chloe lifts her miniskirt and slides on to take him in her coochie, Jay watches as she him in . Disengaging temporarily, Khloe keeps Jay's party going by his stick her and hands.Khloe gives control to Jay as she gets on her knees so he can see the heart shape of her ass. She watches her shoulder as he shoves into her in . Another lets Jay stick his finger in Khloe's ass to on her delight. They wind Khloe on her back, thighs spread to let Jay pump her full of a big creampie. She has definitely him for other !

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