I Had My Stepsisters Thanksgiving Pie – S29:E7


It's Thanksgiving, which means lots of togetherness! Katie Kush has invited her Skyler Storm to eat her Lindsay Lee and her stepbrother Jay Romero. When Katie rats out to her that Jay is seeing a his doesn't like, Lindsay suggests he should Skyler instead. Jay bursts out that he'd rather fuck his stepsister.Later, when the food is gone and everyone is full, Lindsay sits at the table while all the rest of them clear their plates and get dessert. Katie and Skyler mess up the by cutting a in the center. Jay protests, but when Katie holds the up to her Jay is game to fuck it. Katie tries to hold the moan as Jay's makes her hot as hell. When Skyler wants to join in, both drop to their knees to suck Jay off in a , .Lindsay heads out of the , and the trio doesn't wait. Skyler gets on her back so Jay can pound her right on the bench while Katie climbs onto the table to at their performance. Then Katie gets on her knees to eat Skyler's while also getting behind by Jay. When Skyler hops onto Jay's to him in , Katie resumes masturbating. Swapping out with her BFF, Katie takes Jay's fuck stick on her back as Skyler diddles herself until Jay has blown a nut all his stepsister's stomach.

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