Slipping It In My Step Sis – S18:E7


Harley Haze and her stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, have been engaged in an ongoing prank war. Today, Tyler sneaks into the bathroom while Harley is showering to steal her slippers. When Harley is toweling off, she calls Tyler out on it. That's when Tyler points out that he only stole Harley's slippers while she stole all his clothes in her last prank. He decides it's only fair to steal her towel, which leaves Harley and pissed! She boots his out of the bathroom, but not before he gets a eyeful of his stepsister's and pierced nipples.Later, Harley finds Tyler in the living with a blanket covering him and his clothes in a pile on the floor. She asks him whether he's under he blanket and Tyler plays coy. Harley decides to make Tyler uncomfortable by stripping with the goal that he'll leave. When that doesn't immediately work, Harley demands the blanket to cover herself up because she doesn't want to be in front of Tyler anymore. Their physical argument the blanket leads to Tyler accidentally slipping it into Harley's slippery snatch. Harley is pissed at , but she has to admit her stepbro's dick feels really . She decides to fall to the side and let Tyler keep fucking her as they spoon.Now that Harley knows what she's been missing, she wants to sample Tyler in every position. She rolls him onto his back so she can ride him in reverse , then slurps her own juices his stick in a . On her hands and knees next, Harley moans in delight as Tyler sinks into her juicy hole. Doggy lets Tyler reach forward to fondle Harley's pierced nipples as he bangs her. He pulls out to cum all Harley's back. When Tyler tries to wipe the jizz up with the blanket they were fighting , Harley gets upset and kicks him out of the .

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