Step Sisters Valentines Cookie – S17:E4


Jane Rogers and her Ashley Lane are making Valentine's Day cookies, complete plenty of light flirting. When Jane's stepbrother, Tyler Nixon, joins them in the just to make fun of them, the girls kick him out of the and then decide to get back at him. They peel off their clothes until they're wearing just their aprons, then call Tyler back into the . They announce that Tyler can't have any cookies and he also can't have them.Tyler isn't happy about the girls telling him what he can and can't do, so he steals a cookie and takes off. The girls manage to pull Tyler's pants to slow him, but he gets away. Jane chases him to the , where she tackles him to get the cookie back. When Jane leans back, Tyler slips right into that juicy twat. Jane freaks a little bit, but she kind of likes how and Tyler's fuck stick is. Ashley likes seeing Jane and her stepbrother boning so much that she insists on joining in. Soon Jane has hopped off the D so she can share a blowjob Ashley.Ashley gets to enjoy Tyler's dick in doggy as she and Jane make out. Eventually, Jane gets on her hands and knees in front of Ashley's so her can eat her out. Then Jane rolls onto her back Tyler pounding away at her cream filled fuck hole and Ashley riding her . Ashley takes her turn on her back Jane on top of her to present a stack for Tyler to keep on banging. When the girls are finally satisfied that Tyler has earned his cookie, they get on their bellies for one last mutual until Tyler pops in their mouths to give them a treat of his own to share.

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